Sondre Lerche!

A friend pointed me out to him and his music a few weeks ago. If The Carpenters and Jason Mraz had a musical lovechild and the cast of Grease raised him -- that's how I would describe his music. I, for one, think it's a relatively accurate description, haha. Part orchestral pop, part jazz feel, it's absolutely relaxing. His fifth studio album, Heartbeat Radio, comes out today! Buy it! Honestly, it's impossible to turn down Sondre Lerche, those baby blues and that charming croon.
At the very least, watch him in this video. He's so personable and all around lovely, wouldn't you agree? Favorite part: pronouncing his name the "American way" and the heart-melting shrug that ensues because of it around 0:35 and his rendition of "The Word Girl" at the end.


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