Have you realized how many public outbursts there have been recently?

1. During Obama's health care reform address, Joe Wilson blatantly showed a lack of respect by exclaiming, "You lie!".
2. Serena Williams' tirade during the U.S. Open, prompting some not-so-witty newspaper headlines, but still humorous nonetheless. Not So Serene. Serena Goes Ball-istic. She straight up scaressss me. Straight. Up.
3. Kanye strikes again and earns the Douchebag of the Year award. Bar none. At first I thought it was a stunt, but the look on Taylor Swift's face as he took the mic and tainted her first moon man win was just heart-wrenching. Beyoncé remedies the situation by giving Swift her moment, showing such class and elegance.

The Trifecta of Tantrums, ladies and gentlemen. It's ridiculous, but since it's all we've really been hearing about the past two days, I'll take this time to show you the greatest part about the Internet.

It's so well-edited and I ROFLMAO'd when I first saw it.

Also, it's "off-the-record" now, but you cannot deny how freaking amazing our President is. For many reasons, but this statement just tops the cake. Leave it to TMZ to get the audiotape of Obama calling Kanye a jackass. It's golden.


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You Are My Fave said... September 18, 2009 at 1:54 PM

And weren't you just embarrassed for all of them?

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