The past few days have been filled with impromptu reunions. This entry will be one of those "this is what I did today" types. I'm merely doing this for posterity's sake, but because of the lack of original posting, I figure this is better than nothing at all. Maybe it's unconventional, but I feel like back-tracking.

Saturday evening was spent with amazing friends and watching "The Holiday". My friend, Anthony, kidnapped my iPod and returned it after adding over two gigs of A Tribe Called Quest, D'Angelo, The RH Factor, Erykah Badu, Common, John Legend, etc. I think this is where my brief stint with the world of hip-hop and R&B will start. To kind of even it out, I introduced him to Between the Buried and Me. I played "Selkies" and the first thing that came out of his mouth was "Holy crap -- the time signatures!"

Yessss. I love having such musically-inclined friends.

We went to a quaint restaurant in Little Tokyo to celebrate a friend's birthday on Friday. Good company, good food and even more amazing memories. I originally had planned on not attending, but I'm glad I went. Hanging out with them always equates to strange adventures.

Popkiller Second at Little Tokyo. Boy in the blue NOFX shirt ended up surprising me with those glasses because I loved them so much, haha. We're a strange bunch, honestly.

Thursday afternoon was spent auditioning the next batch of drumline kids at Wilson Middle School with Dominic. The BFFL, partner-in-crime. We proceeded to go to his house after revealing which student made it and which drum they were to be assigned to. His mom welcomed me with a great big hug and a girl's favorite thing to hear: "You've gained weight!" Thanks for lowering my self-esteem even more. We saw "Yes, Man" (I didn't know Zooey Deschanel was the leading lady!) and went to Starbucks, armed with our drum practice pads and sticks and played in the patio. There were two metal guys in their thirties at the table closest to us. One of their phones kept ringing and I recognized it as Pantera's "Walk" and spoke up about it. They were genuinely surprised that I would recognize the song, much less know that Pantera existed. They probably saw me as a little girl who listened only to mainstream pop (not that there's anything wrong with that!). They're playing a show at the Whisky A Go-Go in November and they offered us free tickets, which was a kind gesture. Met up with another high school friend that same evening and caught up.

Oh gosh, this post is reminiscent of my old Xanga days. Hopefully I'll actually have something of substance the next time around? Yeah, hopefully.

Later days!
You'll score points with me if you know where that comes from, by the way. :P


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