The Hat & Guitar Center.

The Hat -- The boys and I had another artery-clogging, heart-attack-causing adventure yesterday. We ordered our usual: chili cheese fries topped with pastrami and onions, a bag of onion rings and some horchata. Mmmmm, we're fatties. Haha, we have an excuse though! We're 19 and this is the time when our metabolism's the fastest. Might as well live it up ;]

I tried searching for pictures online but none really do it justice.

And people wonder why obesity is such a problem in the United States -___-.

We always joke about that little cardboard tray because it doesn't really serve a purpose. Dig deep enough into the chili cheese fries and you'll find another one. Again, no purpose.

The night ended with something a bit more to my tastes: a random jam session in Guitar Center. We got a room in the acoustic section and just played around for about three hours. They ended up teaching me a few Paramore songs and this song Ben's been working on. I was ecstatic, to say the very least. I love times like this. It allows for chumminess and inside jokes with people I very rarely get to see. AND it allows for me to better my n00b-like guitar skills.

They had the nicest Takamine acoustic guitars!

I'd love an electric bass too. I'll get one one day, just watch. And I'll perfect it.
But maybe that's just wishful thinking :)



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GeOh said... January 3, 2009 at 3:37 AM

You're right, Beach Chair, We SHOULD Go on a freakin Adventure.. I can put this to shame with a pack of slim jims and 10 dollars for gas... and you KNOW this...

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