Quick update.

I honestly think that fall semester is always going to be way more stressful than spring semester. Take last year for example -- straight B's. And then spring semester rolled around -- straight A's. And now, I have my very first C. I suck.

There's 2 hours before I have to take my Marine Bio final. I'm borderline at the moment, so I am DESPERATE to get an A on the final to secure my A -- the grade I so rightly deserve. :)

ALL these finals and I've YET to study for the one that really matters. Precalc. My sad C. The final is tomorrow at 7am and I'm freaking out. The professor told me not to give up because I actually have a shot at an A, I just need to score a perfect grade on the final. Pretty impossible. Plus, I have NO time to study today because of my Bio final and aljdsflajdfjalf;

Lord, please help me manage my time and not to get side-tracked. Keep me focused on the task at hand and keep me motivated to do my best.

PS. iTunes shuffle is being good to me :) It's been playing the BEST songs for the past hour, hour and a half and that's rare. Good job, iTunes. Yay for simple pleasures in life.


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GeOh said... December 12, 2008 at 4:28 PM

... you said that you weret a good writer. Aces, on this, and the past posts. You better hope no one follows me here from my page, or you little secret might just be found out. Would that be so bad? And good luck on you finals.

PS: we should hang out REAL soon.

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