Late-night phone conversations and stifling giggles so as not to wake up our sleepy towns. Sharing secrets, irrational fears and dreams of where we'll end up one day. Songs and playlists we've kept near and dear to our hearts are sent, with hopes that the hidden messages could be decoded by the other. It's odd how we came to be where we are, with twelve days of conversation attempting to make up for twelve years of silence. An unconventional friendship sparked by a mutual love for throwing caution to the wind that could potentially place us on the brink of something beautiful. To be perfectly frank, monotonous moments of my day are broken up with daydreams of you: Slow dancing under the stars, while soft and unimposing melodies surround us. Attempting to reach the end of a To-Do List that's ever-growing with trips to far away lands and ghost towns, guitar duets as the California sunshine fades over the horizon, and a world of firsts we've yet to experience.

What a strange relationship that's beginning to bloom, but my goodness, I'm in it if you are.


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