In an attempt to clear out my hard drive, I found some writing samples I never initially intended to publish. Here goes nothing.

June 3, 2010:
Trying to accurately describe our friendship would cause an aneurism of sorts. Our last real encounter ended with you admitting to your newfound feelings for me. However, because she had just come back from her year-long jaunt abroad in an attempt to clean up her act, you couldn't find it in your heart to continue what we had. Why must beautiful confessions such as these always tip-toe around a "but so-and-so?" Due to some unforeseen circumstances, a not-so-brief encounter with illicit substances and an exclamation sure to echo in her mind for an indefinite period of time, you've now strolled back in my life. And I'm there with open arms. My goodness. When I stepped out the door and locked eyes with you for the first time tonight in half a year, I was afraid my beating heart would be audible. You held me in an embrace that seemed to stretch on for hours and hours as I gently traced indecipherable shapes against your back and our hearts beat in synchrony and, God, what I would have done to stay in that moment with you forever.

I'm quite unsure as to how many allusions I've made about you in my corner of the internet, but the words stuck end to end would span to the moon and back, I love you so.


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GeOh said... March 4, 2011 at 2:23 PM

YES. I love your writing. You know that. IF i never get anything for my birthday tomorrow, one wish I have is that you never stop creating. If you can ensure that, I will never ask for anything of you ever again. Write, Phtot, Draw, Speak, anything. please.

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