Missed Opportunities, Boys With Girlfriends and Rude Comments.

Holy Negative Nancy, Batman!

Remember this post that I wrote over a year ago? How I had the opportunity to interview the electropop goodness that is HeyHiHello? I think I may have actually talked to Jakub, the lead vocalist, a few times before actually sitting down to compose interview questions. In the end, I passed on the opportunity as I labeled myself too shy and incompetent to go through with it. In the past year, they've slowly but surely built up their fan base and are on their way to being the next electropop hit. Following the footsteps of Owl City, if I may be so bold to say? What was the point of this blurb? Oh, yes. Missed opportunities. Sunken confidence. Regret, regret, regret. Seems to be a recurring theme in this blog, don't you think?

Oh, iTunes, why must you be a constant reminder of my terrible luck with boys and potential relationships? Meiko's "Boys With Girlfriends" just came on. Remember this post? Hopeless romantics eat that stuff up all the time! Meeting a stranger, discovering all these uncanny similarities and forming an everlasting bond, if circumstances allow. It's the premise of the rom-com in my mind's theater, honestly. I'm sure you can guess the gist of the whole situation without me having to blatantly spell it out. 'Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends, oh. Boy-In-Question keeps texting me out of the blue, even going as far as mentioning his new job a mere fifteen minutes away; he lives in the South Bay, an hour south. Quite similar to another situation over two years ago, but that's a story for another time, perhaps. Oh, I know better than that, I know better.

Apologies for the extremely girly nature of the following paragraph, but it just has to be said with hopes that Blogspot can hold me accountable. I've gained twenty pounds since I was fifteen-years-old. That's about five pounds a year, which is a lot for someone standing at a modest height of 5'3". At a disastrous lunch with a few old friends a couple of weeks ago, a high school acquaintance (I never considered us close in the least bit) loudly declared how "different" I looked now as opposed to our high school years. After a questioning look from me, he continued to say that I was tinier back then, implying a noticeable weight gain. In the wise words of Ms. Stephanie Tanner, "HOW RUDE!" After that slap in the face, I'm now on a mission to get fit once more. Not necessarily lose weight, but get in shape. And no, round is not a shape.

It doesn't help that I can never resist the pull of Yogurtland when I veer close enough. Tart frozen yogurt + cheesecake bites + Mochi + irresistible pink spoons = a happy-go-lucky me. I've no willpower, really.

Sincerely hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Shutter Happy.

Last Tuesday, I received a parcel in the mail from a dear friend in the bay area. It's quite possible that I had a heart attack once I opened the box and peered inside to see his Canon DSLR looking up at me with eager eyes. Included were a 50mm lens, the 18-55mm kit lens and a flash unit. I, then, proceeded to squeal and jump around like a maniac in my driveway as the friend I was with politely waited for my excitement to wane. I mean, who in their right mind would allow a stranger (technically speaking, we've never met) to borrow a grand's worth of camera equipment for an indefinite amount of time?! It's unheard of! And borderline crazy. But, my goodness, I am so blessed and eternally thankful for his selflessness and generosity.

And I love how his letter clearly states that I shouldn't let the wrapping paper fool me and that he wishes for me to put it through hell.

It has been a week of impromptu photoshoots, wishing for idyllic weather conditions and a shutter happy Marianne with a permanent smile plastered upon her face. While I haven't made the full transition into manual settings yet (cue dramatic music), I'm happy to say that I'm learning, and willing to learn, everything I can about this little camera. It's also quite possible that he's successfully managed to turn a Nikon fangirl into an open-minded Canon user.


It's only fitting that, as I sit here with Notepad open and the vertical line blinking and prompting me to write, Between the Trees' "A Time For Yohe" plays in the background. More specifically, the line in the chorus, gently encouraging me to keep going with this post: "This is your time to weep / This is your time to mourn."

My maternal grandmother passed away last Sunday. I refuse to go into detail about such private matters on a public forum, so I'll only say that the situation is extremely bittersweet. Because it was so sudden, my mom, sister and I were unable to attend the funeral as our passports wouldn't have been renewed in time. What I didn't know was that my sister and I were the last grandchildren she'd had a hand in helping to raise. I haven't seen her since coming to California over fourteen years ago, and I regret it so much. It's become a banal saying in matters such as these, but I truly believe that she's in a better place now. I'm grateful that she doesn't have to suffer anymore.

Haha. I distinctly remember thinking, at the ripe age of five as my grandma helped dress me for school, that she was such a genius for knowing which sock went on which foot. I had thought that there was a specific sock for which foot, much like the right/left certainty of shoes. Favorite memory, hands down.

I miss her a lot, and I can only hope that she's looking down with a full heart and willingness to guide me.

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