I just recently discovered the electropop magic that is HeyHiHello!

Weeeell, let me backtrack. Some pretty amazing opportunities have recently found their way to little old me.

1. A good, good producer friend of mine has asked me to write a song or two for his lovely songbird. At first, I was a bit wary because I know my writing skills aren't up to par. But he's reassured me to some degree and it got me to change my mind.
2. He's also allowing me to do A&R work for him and his company, which is beyond amazing. I've wanted to do this for years now and I'm finally getting the chance. So far so good. Hopefully? I've introduced him to my incredibly talented friend, Jackie Harms. I saw her just last week and she played her guitar and sang for me. Her performances mesmerize me. Every single time. He sees her potential. And I'm just hoping it all works out for the best.
3. Since he has oh so much faith in my *crappy* writing, he's introduced me to Shooting Stars Mag editor Lauren, who wanted me to join the staff. So, voila! Mainly, she wants me to do music-related interviews... which is where HeyHiHello! comes in. Well, I'm putting that off. I'm putting off even ASKING him if I could have the honors of interviewing him. Cause I'm a N00b. And I'm shy. And I'm insanely @#$%^& about stuff like that. So, I'll give it a few weeks until I know what I'm actually doing before I jump the gun.

What else, what else.
Oh. My drumline captain from high school has been helping out at the local middle school and he's asked me to assist him! I love it. Although they're only in the beginning stages, I can already see where they might end up in a few years IF they choose to stay motivated and practice. They're precious in that pinch-their-cheeks, tousle-their-hair kinda way. Haha, one of the kids asked me (in the cutest, most cautious whisper), "Are you his giiiiiiiirlfriend?" the first day.

It's been fun. And as a side project, I'm working on this -- the Spida Toss from the Blue Devils' 2004 show "The Summertrain Blues Mix". My favorite year!

Scott Johnson is my HERO.

Always and forever a Blue Devils fan.
I'm a geek when it comes to DCI. No shame :)


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SolShine7 said... February 25, 2009 at 10:59 PM

This blog is full of goodies. I'm checking out all the links and videos. And yay for electropop, I'm totally liking HeyHiHello! Have you heard of Lights? She's makes some pretty awesome music. www.iamlights.com

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