This new-found obsession with Tumblr cannot be healthy. I realize that it is only a glorified Twitter, of course. But that doesn't stop me from fine-tuning my theme, keeping a lookout for the perfect image and quote to post, and watching my tumblarity fluctuate without any rhyme and reason, it seems like.

It's funny. I delete all of my social networking sites from high school only to sign up for others and thus, killing even more of my precious time.

Sigh, when will I ever learn.

(Insert awesome segue here.)

Owen Pallett covering Joanna Newsom's "Peach Pear Plum."

I'm kind of in love with it. My reason for posting this video in an entry titled "Tumblr" is because I initially planned to post it on there, but felt it was too awesome not to repost on here. Mhmm.


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