Disclaimer: It's unlike me to curse, but darn, this just pissed me off.

I recently read a blog where the author very eloquently expressed his views on crunkcore music and its listeners. He explained his dislike of the genre and went on to talk about its lack of cultural merits, complex lyrics and all-around talent. While I would have to agree with his points, I would never dream of verbalizing it the way he did. Don’t get me wrong. I commend him for his…testicular fortitude, if you will, to say what’s on his mind. It’s just that I’ve personally come across people whose music tastes are so boxed off, that they bring every other band and genre down. What’s more, they also bring the morale of the listener down in the process. And honestly, it’s not the best feeling being on the receiving end of one of those rants.

I say eff it. Let them enjoy what music they want to enjoy. Reasons to listen to music range from expression, a connection to the band and other listeners, to quenching the thirst of wanting to be understood by someone other than yourself through lyrics. But all in all, music is mere entertainment. And fuck, if it entertains, so be it. Listen to your music. Enjoy it. Revel in it. But don’t bring others down for their so-called “terrible taste” and allow them the same courtesy of listening to whatever they want to.

Just live in effing musical harmony, dammit.

End of two minute rant. Excuse the expletives, please.


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