I seem to have lost my followers. Sad face. Not quite sure if it was due to a glitch or if they actually unfollowed me, in which case I'll have to ... meh, I don't care. My blogs are pointless to begin with! :) Though I'll admit I was kind of excited that Kelly Tenney was following me. Sad face, again.

Moving on.

I spent this past Saturday with a few friends in Ventura County for a little reunion slash makeshift birthday get-together. Daniel and Kristy were the brains of the operation, leaving Sheila and I in the dark. I was only told to bring a sweater and to keep a lookout for imminent danger. Their words, not mine and it couldn't have been any truer.

So we were walking on railroad tracks along the coast to find the secret location. And because of our engrossing conversation, we weren't really paying too much attention to our surroundings. If a train were to pass by, we were sure we would've heard the loud "choo choo" warning us of "imminent danger". Dun dun duuuun. But no. It wasn't like that at all. We heard a mysterious and earpiercing metallic sound but we didn't think much of it. Kristy, bless her heart, turned around and screamed at us to get out of the way because the train was coming. So we jumped out of the way, with maybe 10 seconds to spare before the train passed. Stupid conductor couldn't even warn us.

The rest of the day wasn't as dangerous, thank goodness. It was pretty relaxing -- a picnic on the cliffs at Carpinteria Bluffs, walking along the shore, picking out really colorful shells, etc. I have the most random adventures with these people and it really sucks that we barely get to see each other because of our school schedules. But we'll plan out these trips every couple of months to catch up and rebuild friendships and it's just a good time. We've turned the summer bonfire into a yearly tradition -- one I hope will last us all for years to come. I love them and I'm blessed to have them in my life.



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ishnamedkarl. said... February 23, 2009 at 10:47 PM

dude! i lost a few followers too! iono what happened ]:

but don't worry you didn't lose me lol

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