Silver Xterras, Santa Monica Pier & Keys.

Ever since I visited my Uncle's internment location a few weeks ago, I've been seeing silver Nissan Xterras everywhere. Not just one or two, I'm taking upwards to 20 per day. This was the car my Uncle used to drive. I mean, either I'm just more observant towards this type of car now or Nissan's holding some kind of BOGO sale. Noticing cars to this multitude has got to be something short of insane. I told Dominic this and he said that it was my Uncle's way of trying to communicate -- a "thank you for visiting" kind of thing. I didn't know what to make of it.

Dominic and I weren't doing anything on Saturday night, so we decided to have an adventure. We thought of LAX because he knows about my looooove for international airports. It's the prime location for people-watching, after all. But we quickly crossed that off our list because the price for parking is ridiculous. We ended up at Santa Monica Pier. I remember being super excited as a kid whenever we went there. But like anything else growing up, you find that things you once loved and were excited for, lose their novelty. We still made the most of it though, spending the majority of our time in the arcade, playing those overpriced games. Then we walked around on the boardwalk itself. It's always scared me how the night sky and the ocean just kind of blend in together and that night wasn't any different. It's just creepy. I mean, could you imagine falling into the water?! But that's beside the point. We reached the end of the boardwalk and just talked as we stared at the ferris wheel and it was just... nice. A bit chilly, but nice.

And now, I'm realizing that spending the evening at the pier is just as costly, if not more, than having an LAX adventure. But it was still fun.

Yesterday was terrible. I locked myself out of the house. Second time in a week. And it was raining. And I forgot my wallet. I could go on and on about my no good, very bad day but that won't make for a very good story.

I underestimated Lady GaGa. She's an amazing musician. She seems kind of drunk crazy, but the good, artistic kind of crazy.

I'm falling off the face of the planet, by the way. Thought you should know, trusty Blogspot.


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Anonymous said... March 23, 2009 at 1:10 PM

Wow. I never knew Lady Gaga could sound like that; that was actually really good! And that whole thing about the pier sounded very fun haah i wish Canada had cool stuff like piers =P

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